Jim the Wonder Dog
Missouri's State Wonder Dog

One of Marshall's most cherished citizens was the extraordinary "Jim the Wonder Dog". Jim was a Llewellyn Setter who lived at the Ruff Hotel in Marshall in the early 1900's. A champion hunting dog, Jim became famous for his many mysterious talents. 


Here are just a few examples of Jim's uncanny abilities: 

  • Complete commands given in Morse Code and foreign languages 

  • Discern colors and numbers

  • Predict the winners of Kentucky Derby races

  • Predict the winners of World Series games

  • Predict the gender of unborn babies


Journalists from all over the country wrote about Jim and his amazing talents.  He was featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not, Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel.  Jim was named "Missouri's Wonder Dog" by the Missouri Legislature in 2017. To learn more about Jim and the beautiful garden and museum dedicated to him: https://www.jimthewonderdog.org/

Jim the Wonder Dog Garden & Museum

Follow Jim's tracks to the Wonder Dog Garden & Museum in downtown Marshall.  Located on the site of the old Ruff Hotel where Jim lived, this beautiful spot is a must see while visiting Marshall.  Meander through the peaceful garden as you read about Jim's legendary life and uncanny abilities.  Step inside the museum and gift shop to see relics from Jim's life and times in the early 1900's.  His story will fill you with wonder!


Jim the Wonder Dog Garden & Museum

101 N. Lafayette

Marshall, MO


Jim's Final Resting Place

After your visit to the garden and museum, you are welcome to drive to Ridge Park Cemetery, where Jim was laid to rest.  He is the only canine resting in this beautiful, historic cemetery and a marker has been placed in his memory.


Ridge Park Cemetery

804 E. Yerby

Marshall, MO

Gravesite GPS Coordinates:  39.113188     -93.176379

Jim...Missouri's Wonder Dog 

Because of Jim's uncanny talents he gained much fame and notoriety during his lifetime and beyond.  Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not, Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel, he is Marshall's most famous canine citizen.  Several books have been written about his life.


In June 2017, Jim was named "Missouri's Wonder Dog" by the Missouri Legislature. 

Wonder Dog Day

To celebrate the memory of  Jim, the Friends of Jim host "Wonder Dog Day".  The celebration takes place each May at the Jim the Wonder Dog Garden & Museum, right off the Marshall Square. Hot dogs are served, memories are shared and canine friends are always honored! 


The Jim Dog Dog Show and a special "Jim Look Alike" contest is always the highlight of the day.  Make plans to bring your special pet and join us!