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Minutes of the Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee

November 20, 2008

Attendees: Stan Moore, Angie Wells, Ken Yowell, Bill Riggins, Arline Borchers, Pam Thomeczek

Chair Stan Moore called the meeting to order.

Minutes from October 2008 meeting were approved.

Stan asked committee members for ideas for new people for the committee. Arlene suggested Larry Arrowood.

Stan reported that two motels have not paid their bed tax so the amount of available funds will be less. Until the money is collected a final decision on amount of allocation can’t be made. Stan will send letter to affiliates who applied for funds.

It was noted that there are no instruction or guidelines on the applications for funding as to what the requirements for approval are. This information needs to be added to the form.

Stan reported that the grant was approved from state MDT. We declined the first approval (June through Dec) because of a lack of funds to fulfill agreement. We re-applied and must notify them by Dec. 5 if we accept. This information will be faxed to the Tourism Commission to see if we will get the $5000 needed to fulfill the committment.

Bill R. asked if some money can be set aside from Commission rather than spending it all. This would allow for some start-up money for future projects.

Angie said we need more tourism people on the commission in order to advocate for those issues.

Stan distributed notification of grant approval including comments from the evaluators which included suggestions that we set up statistical information to track inquiries specifically, not just number of hits. They also discouraged the use of audio on the site.

Stan asked that everyone look at the Marshall website and think about changes that need to be made. He also asked that everyone check other tourism sites for desirable features. This information will be shared at the next meeting.

Stan reported on the last meeting of the Regional Cuisines committee. In reviewing the by-laws of this group, it was felt that the dues are too low, as well as the audit amount limit. Another concern is that there is no provision for liability insurance on board members.

Ken reported on the inventory of supplies at the Chamber office: 7200 bags, 550 brochures, and 8000 large envelopes.

Stan will check with media about PSAs for events in Marshall.

Meeting adjourned at 10:15 am.



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