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Minutes of the Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee

August 22, 2007

Committee members present: Stan Moore, Ken Yowell, Arline Borchers, Angie Wells, Rose Anne Huck, Bill Riggins, Angie Wells and Cynthia Crawford
Reporter: Rachel Harper
Guest: Kathy Borgman

Rose Anne Huck moved and it was seconded to approve the July minutes. Motion passed.

Ken brought information from the Slater Creek Blues Festival. They desire to continue being an affiliate of this group. Attendance was up 30% this past year for 950 participants. They credit the growth to grant dollars being available. 2008 will be their 5th year. Their request for last year was $1200. Request for 2008 is $2000.
Ken brought information from the Marshall Bow Hunters. Marshall has the finest bow hunting range in Missouri. They have 4 events a year that draws a state-wide audience. In July they also have an event for people that have crafted their own bows. They fill the hotels and also have campers. The event is 3rd weekend in July. “MOJam” is the event name. They draw 400 – 500 people from 40 states and also some international people.

The number of people coming from Iowa and north on their way to Branson and the Lake through Marshall should not be forgotten.

Marshall needs at least one more motel. The college rodeo needs 200 rooms. 188 motel rooms and 8 rooms in bed and breakfasts in Marshall. Arrow Rock has 20 bed and breakfast rooms – about 12 - 14 with private baths.

A need was identified to grow the number of beds and breakfasts. Rural families could work with agritourism. Education on how to run a bed and breakfast could be needed.
Gene’s Motel is now Normanni. Significant updating has been accomplished.
The Missouri Valley Rodeo will be one day longer this fall. Thursday – Saturday night.
“Marshall is a good place to be from right now.”

Stan announced that anything in the grant program in 2008 will require competitive bids if the amount is $3,000 or more. This would likely include the visitor’s guide and the park program guides.

Ken announced supplies of the big envelope and plastic bags should be sufficient for 2008.

The city, Nicholas Beazley and the Chamber need to meet about who is doing what to support the Civic Center. Scheduling, pricing, marketing, management, building management are all to worked out. This is an urgent priority. Stan will be in touch with Connie Latimer to call the meeting. They are planning toward the 31st.

Kathy Borgman spoke to the group about the Scenic Byways Program. The Kerr’s are also interested in the project. It would take several communities working together. Lafayette County, in 1994, working on a byway from Wellington west. Don Borgman, Lexington, had a leadership role at that time. Focuses on many aspects – cultural, historical, natural, recreationa. Rose Anne added that the state marketing efforts are going county-wide in 2009 – Destination Marketing Organization. We will need a county marketing group for Coop Marketing. This could certainly be an attractive first project.

Rose Anne Huck and Stan Moore will be attending a September 5 workshop with the State of Missouri to learn more about the changes at the state level. Bill may be interested in going, as well.

Kathy inquired whether an application from Arrow Rock for the crafts festival.
Tourism Education efforts:
• Volunteer management workshops in August and September
• Sidewalk ambassadors – ongoing
• Mary Ellen McVickery at Century Farms Nov. 8 – committee invited!

Arline Borchers distributed information on the Boonslick Folk Festival Labor Day weekend.

Angie Wells announced that the Community Theater will be adjusting their request for 2008 from $3200 to $2,000 for their spring productions.

Rose Anne updated the group on the Missouri Tourism efforts. The city resolution is now in place and a copy was distributed. Leisure marketing destination seems to be the best fit in their categories for Marshall. Certification for DMO is due Nov. 1. March is the deadline for funding.

October 5 is a grant writing workshop in Columbia (offered by University Extension). Angie Wells and Rose Anne Huck plan to attend. Bill may also be interested.

Marshall Tourism Commission application is due October 6. Hearings are Oct. 23 – 25.

Rose Anne reports that Missouri Life magazine would like Marshall to consider a full page. This committee would have a half page and MO Life would sell the ads on the top half of the page.

Next meeting is on September 20, 9 a.m.


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